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With one foot in the Church and one in the sewer, The Trash Supper is a cross-genre live art show that takes as a starting point an absurd, visceral, and anarchic restaging of the Passion of Jesus.

Drawing from drag culture, post-pornography, Catholic iconography and Lucia's own existential mess, The Trash Supper merges the political with the autobiographical whilst investigating abjection, identity, consumption, and Lucia's autistic mind.

The Trash Supper is currently in its early stages of development and most recently was presented at Camden People Theatre as part of Calm Down, Dear festival 2022.

Performers: Lucia Pazzini, Alice Bradley, Micheal Cotter


A first work-in-progress sharing of the piece was presented in 2019 at The Others, Stoke Newington (London). The work was artistically and technically supported by: Nic Ramsay, Antonia Eugenie, Jessie Velthuis and Jacob Dale.


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