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Autistic Filth Peddler & Fantastical Blonde 


Lucia Pazzini (They/Them)

is an Italian London-based multidisciplinary artist

whose practice predominantly merges live art, theatre and drag.


From a neuroqueer and transfeminist lens, Lucia makes work that people have previously deemed "gory and visceral", "a bit much" and "iconoclastic".

Lucia's artistic practice is for them a site for processing rage, displacement and grief.

Lucia has been showing off their juicy ass on stage since 2016 in places/events like Camden People's Theatre, The Glory, Duckie, the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, toilet cubicles, festivals and squat parties.

 "Radical, a total genius and a star, with a special vision and style."

-Marisa Carnesky, artist






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